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Quantum Attack Risk Assessment

PQScan is an assessment tool that scans public and private websites to detect whether the encryption algorithms meet quantum security standards. This enables organizations and businesses to conduct prompt quantum safe evaluations and embark on the initial step towards quantum-safe migration.

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Quantum Safe Website

Quantum Safe Website

Website PQC Algorithm Start Date of Support
www.squareup.com x25519_kyber768_draft00 2024/04/03
www.visa.com x25519_kyber768_draft00 2024/02/22
www.congress.gov x25519_kyber768_draft00 2023/12/15
www.tsgh.ndmctsgh.edu.tw x25519_kyber768_draft00 2023/11/29
aihw.gov.au x25519_kyber768_draft00 2023/10/30
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